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Absolute Carbon is a 100% renewable, sustainable and is a carbon negative product.

Absolute Carbon is easy to handle, does not need to be sent to the landfill after use, can be reused, repurposed, and resold. The beneficial bacteria and water/nutrient retention characteristics reduce growing risk and increase overall quality and yield.

Backed and tested by leading private and academic researchers, the Absolute Carbon products were developed to outperform all other available growing media.


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Producing green technologies that support zero waste food production ecosystems. Optimizing natural process to create highly efficient closed loop food generation systems while reducing environmental impacts as compared to current farming methods.

"On behalf of Lethbridge College, I take immense pride in stating the partnership with Pure Life Global Inc. Group of Companies. The college feels greatly honored to be part of this partnership and excitedly looks forward to working on more collaborative projects together in future."

-Jagvir Singh. Director - Centre for Applied Research & Innovation

A global food shortage, being caused by climate change, increasing population, rising costs, diminishing yields, political and economic instability, requires immediate action to ensure access to high quality locally grown foods.

The Pure Life Team

A shared vision, unified passion, and an obsessive drive to make a difference; the Pure Life Global team brings a wealth of innovation and experience to the industry.

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Why Us?

Our approach to delivering our vision was formed around a common commitment to selfless service, trust, and creativity. As every living and non-living thing on this earth is connected to everything else, our strategy and business had to encompass all industries and empower all communities. We call this the Pure Life Ecosystem.

As food is a requirement of life itself, access to fresh quality foods has to be available for all humans regardless of wealth, location, status, and situation.

Pure Life Global has proven designs, methods, and management strategies which allow for high yield, sustainable and scalable, growing operations around the globe.

Pure Life Global is working closely with industry partners and academia to develop new technologies and prove out the economic viability and feasibility of these technologies. Pure Life Global has over 10 years of experience in aquaponics aquaculture, water management, vertical growing, building innovation and sustainability.

Innovation Fueled by Need

Our vision is to provide a global and sustainable food generation ecosystem that will play a significant role in ending world hunger.

By 2050...

Global population

Urban population increase


Food production increase requirement


Current jobs displaced by technology and AI


Africa and Asia increase of fresh water consumption for agriculture


Meat and dairy consumption increase

Food and agriculture sector at 10% of Global GDP

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